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5 Reasons to Include Video Marketing in your Media Mix!

With the advent of technology and revolutionizing media mix campaigns, the need for brand visibility and awareness has scaled up tremendously. Also, the power of storytelling through brand videos and informative product videos is increasingly versatile in nature as more and more brands are willing to invest in it. Video marketing is one of the quintessential parts of your marketing strategy. Therefore, the ever-rising hectic schedules and the inclination towards interactive content consumption patterns on social media, consumers prefer watching 2-minute brand video over a 10-minute article on the same.

The Importance of Video Marketing

A snackable video should back up every content strategy to communicate compelling brand stories. Not only are they easy to understand and memorable, but measurable in nature to track audience engagement. Hence, let us look at 5 reasons as to why industries across the spectrum are including video marketing as a part of their company profiles:

1. Revenue Growth & Increase ROI:

Videos undoubtedly provide good return on investments. Conveying the right message through a video is a great addition to the media mix from a conversion rate perspective. Therefore, according to HubSpot, videos should be seen as including video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80%.

2. Builds Trust and Confidence

It is easy to portray product traits through an interactive product video on social media! In case you are looking to build a brand persona amongst the consumer’s mind, brand videos are definitely powerful tools. It is easier to connect and garner trust by influencing their decisions by forming a long-term relationship. Video content helps take informative and emotional calls.

3. Wider reach and social share

Today, consumers prefer consuming content through mobiles due to ease of accessibility. Mobile video consumers share multiple videos leading to a greater reach across social media. Video marketing is growing everyday, with the platform witnessing no boundaries when it comes to the reach and shares as it can capture a wide audience. Almost every brand today has been engaging with their audience through effective brand videos.

4. Search Engine respond well to video

Videos help improve search engines results to an exceptionally large extent. The time spent on your brand page post getting diverted from Google search impacts on your search result.

The likelihood of being ranked on first page of Google increases if brands make effective use of brand and product videos by as much as 53 times, as stated in research from Forrester.

5. Great addition to Email Marketing Campaign

With receiving innumerable emails each day, breaking the clutter by ensuring consumers actually opens your email is a real time challenge. However, using words like Brand Video, Trending Product video on social media can increase open rates and decrease unsubscribe rates leading an increase to upto 300% increase in click through rates. 

From creating a how-to video or DIY video to using Instagram reels or Thumbstoppers on Facebook, there is a wide range of opportunities for video marketing to choose from. Videos are really one of the best ways to dive into your audience’s mind. Hence, the key is to think and showcase elements beyond the product. It should be a good mix of philosophy, brand values and most importantly, valuable information. In an impersonal digital world, the aim should be to create connection and convey personalities!